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Westchester Security Cameras Installations and Service

Whether you have existing security cameras or are starting fresh we have you covered. We service all major brands and provide full installations. Protecting your home and business with cameras is a critical component of security these days. We provide systems that can provide you with live and recording of both audio and video 24/7/365.

If you have an existing security camera system and a camera (or your entire system) is down, we can get everything back online for you. We troubleshoot existing CCTV systems, IP cameras, and all existing setups.

Need more customization than Ring or Blink allows? We can have an alert sent to your phone or e-mail based on almost any type of event: audio, video, image, temperature, light-sensor, motion-sensor, water-sensor, fire/smoke sensors and more.

We can also help customize your security system to provide you with the least amount of (if any) false alerts and redundancy for  unforeseen events.

Recently we’ve noticed some security cameras becoming compromised by cyber-attacks. Some are breached by passwords being cracked, others by exploited vulnerabilities. Cheap cameras can turn into huge problem.

We can help you secure your home and business properly and prevent cyber-attacks on your systems.

Many existing systems have flaws, if you have an existing system and are interested in upgrading we would be happy to provide you with new system that meets your requirements. We offer cloud based and local based solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the Hudson Valley, New York region. Our service areas for security cameras include Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess Counties.

Most existing networked security cameras we come across have already either been compromised or were attacked with a DDoS. A DDoS is easily preventable if you anticipate it, but if your system is older it [most likely] can be shutdown easily by anybody with access to a video sharing website.

We can upgrade your cameras and your network to prevent these type of attacks from occurring to you or your business.

Securiy Camera Installations and Service
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