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Virus & Malware Removal - Westchester, New York

We specialize in virus removal on Windows and Mac devices. If you have been experiencing pop-ups, seeing search engines (browser hijacking) in your browser that you do not recognize, or having other trouble accessing the internet you might have an infection.  Most infections found are malware and spyware, but many viruses still threaten the safety of networks on a daily basis. In addition to these traditional threats, we also face new threats from ransomware and other malicious code.

We have 20 years experience removing viruses.  Unlike many companies, we can almost always get your data back for you also. If you need assistance and our in our service area, removing infections is typically $99. If your computer doesn’t boot at all, and you need your files, you may need data services as well. We could help you with both.

    Virus, Malware & Ransomware Recovery and Removal (845) 204-8380
    We've been providing virus removal services in the Hudson Valley area since 1999. Having an issue with viruses, malware, pop-ups or ransomware? We can help. (914) 257-3578‬

    More Information on Viruses and Malware Infections

    Infections are most commonly caused by someone downloading something. Although, drive-by-downloads exist (zero day exploits in browsers) – you can be infected by simply browsing the web.

    Depending on the sites you and those on your network visit, and the third-party advertisers on those sites, it is not unheard of to be infected from a site that you might have previously trusted. JavaScript infections can infect your browser, usually this is when you see a pop-up or notice you system acting unusually slow. If you do nothing; typically the one infection turns to many infections.

    Once a single machine is infected on your network, it can spread, and utilize your network to conduct tasks for the viruses creator. If you think you are infected; your best course of action is to turn off the device(s) you think are infected and contact us at (914) 257-3578‬