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TV Mounting and Installations

We perform professional TV  mounting and installations in the Hudson Valley. If you recently purchased a new TV, we can install it for you. Our technicians will conceal the wiring for you. Our technicians can help configure your sound system, game consoles and anything else you want to have attached to your flat screen TV. We install all major brands including TCL, Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, Hisense and more.


In our experience, we find we take more time than other technicians. Many jobs can be completed in under an hour; but we never rush. That is because we take our time to test every installation for safety and assume kids will be playing around the TV. We recommend mounts that have a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of your TV and test them before mounting the TV.  Most TV mounts have releases on the back that allow the TV to be removed; we will show them to you and help you secure them so your kids don’t touch them. If you’d prefer we can find a mount without this feature or that comes with a locking (anti-theft) mechanism.

Old TV Removal

We do not dispose of TV’s; but if your old TV is a flat screen and not heavy, we do offer removal services. We ask you try to find the model # if possible so we can lookup the weight of the TV before guaranteeing the job (this can usually be found on the back of the TV). If the TV isn’t a flat panel or is too heavy our technicians will not remove it. If you have an old flat screen / flat panel TV you’d like to replace or simply take down, we can assist you. But we do not dispose of them. We can assist you in finding local recycling information.

Cable Box & Game Console Mounts

If you’d like to put your cable box or game console on a small mount on the wall under or above your TV, we can do that for you. In many homes and businesses this keeps the installation looking clean and professional for a minimal additional cost. Businesses, for example, might want to put the cable box above the TV so no customers can adjust it.

Service Areas

We service Westchester and the nearby counties (Putnam, Rockland, Orange).

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TV Mounting and Installations
Westchester County, NY



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