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Computer Repair

We’ve been repairing computers in Westchester since 1999. We service homes and businesses on-site.

Data Recovery

If you lost data on your computer we can get it back.  Even when the competition says they can’t.


Cyburst, Inc. also provides network services, such as setting up or troubleshooting wireless devices.

Network Security

Home and business networks are being attacked remotely and most don’t know it. We can help protect you and your information.

Wi-Fi Signal Improvements

If you are having trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal in a certain area (or multiple areas) of your home or business we have solutions for any size property.

Security Cameras

We install and troubleshoot security cameras. If you need a new camera or camera system, or have an old one with service needs, we can help.

Computer Support (845) 204-8380

On-site Computer Services

Whether you need immediate assistance or just want to make sure your files are safe you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians have been working in Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam & Dutchess to keep businesses and homes online and secure.

Remote Technical Support During COVID-19. Based in NY, USA. (845) 204-8380

Data Recovery

For those of you how have lost files due to an event on your computer, we are here for you! We’ve been doing this for 20 years. We have a success rate of over 90% and do not charge if we cannot recover your data. Most data loss is recoverable – contrary to what your retailer might tell you. Call today. (914) 257-3578‬


Wired and wireless networking (845) 204-8380

Wired and Wireless Networking

For homes and businesses we can provide installation of wired and wireless equipment, troubleshoot problems on your network, secure your connection and keep your devices safe online. If you are having WiFi signal issues, we are here to help! Prefer to switch away from wireless? Give us a call.

Cyber Crime on the Rise. Network Vulnerability Assessment (845) 204-8380

Network Vulnerability Assessment

We assist in finding and fixing security flaws (bugs, vulnerabilities, etc.) before they become exploited. If your device(s) have already been exploited we can help minimize data loss and get you back up and running. Most homes and businesses have devices with known vulnerabilities but they don’t know it until they ask.

Wireless Signal (Wi-Fi) Improvement and Boosting (845) 204-8380

Wi-Fi Signal Improvements

If you are having trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal in certain area (or multiple areas) of your home or business we have solutions for any size property. We can analyze the Wi-Fi traffic to determine which channels are least congested and install equipment to either boost your signal or transmit it differently to achieve the speeds your expecting from your internet provider.

Westchester County, NY Security Camera Installation & Troubleshooting (845) 204-8380

Security Camera Installations & Troubleshooting

Whether you already have cameras or you’re looking to get new cameras, we can help. We specialize in installing wired and wireless cameras. Our technicians also provide troubleshooting for existing cameras, NVR’s and DVR’s (network video recorder, digital video recorder).

Westchester TV Mounting and Installations (845) 204-8380

TV Mounting and Installation Service

New TV? Old TV? We can get it mounted properly on your wall. Our technicians can hide the wires, and even mount your cable box and consoles to the wall as well. Safety is a top priority; we test all the mounts before mounting the TV. Service prices starting under $100.