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Remote Computer Support

We offer remote computer support and technical services. Whether you need a simple PC repair or help with a web site, we are here for you during and after COVID-19.

To ensure the health and safety of everybody we have decided to provide a list of services we can offer remotely (simple, just a few clicks) or through video chat. Most services such as computer repairs and e-mail/browser troubleshooting can be completed through a remote connection but other services such as Wi-Fi troubleshooting may require a video chat in order to be accurate & effective.

Fortunately you do not need any technical skill or background for any of our remote services. We can help you over the phone to get started, it is only a few clicks. If needed we can schedule a Skype/FaceTime/Hangouts depending on the type of job.

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Our common remote services include:

Service TypeCategory
Computer DiagnosticsPC
Computer RepairPC
Virus, Malware, Spyware RemovalPC
Deleted File RecoveryPC / Data
E-mail Configuration & TroubleshootingPC / Device
Printer TroubleshootingPC / Network
Router troubleshootingNetwork
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting (Requires video chat)Network
Security scan of a PCInfo. Sec.
Web site edits or updatesData
Streaming error / stuck stream diagnostics and troubleshootingNetwork
Security Camera TroubleshootingDevice
Assistance upgrading hardware (Requires video chat)Device

We do offer more services remotely, but these are the most popular. If you have a computer, network or device issue during COVID-19 please submit the form below describing your needs and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

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