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Ransomware Removal and Recovery New York

If you have been infected by ransomware of any kind, chances are your files are gone. We do not recommend paying ransom to the authors, as it doesn’t ensure you’ll get anything back. 

Many infections don’t encrypt all your files. Each infection (ransomware program) is different. There are several steps we can offer to try to get your files back that do not involve paying the author. Whether you want us to try to get the files ourselves or not, we can assist in making the computer functional and back to its factory condition. If you would like help installing additional programs, we can assist; but any licenses fees (Example: Microsoft Word) are not included in any of our fees. 

In the event of an infection on 1 or more computers, our recommended course of action is to examine to see if files are recoverable. If they are, we can give them back to you on the same machine(s).

We can restore your machines to their factory state in about 2 hours each, plus extra time if you need any printers or specialized software installed. Any data or file recovery would take additional time and cost extra. Factory resets cost $100/each without Microsoft Office, but we can offer a selection of free alternatives that are compatible.

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