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Network Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Many homes and businesses are being hacked as you read this and they probably don’t know it is happening. Unfortunately, most focus on home security but never think of network security beyond paying $50-$100 for anti-virus software. Reliance on old technology mixed with new technology represents a large and growing problem, with known flaws in smart devices and Bluetooth technology. Most off-the-shelf hardware is vulnerable to attack; whether your computers are infected or not.  Many name brand manufactures ship computers with bloatware and other vulnerabilities (which can lead to spyware) and others outright ship it with spyware preinstalled.  These infections can lead to your e-mails, conversations, social media accounts, bank accounts and other private information being compromised.

Information being compromised isn’t the only way a business could experience an attack. Downtime could cause loss of revenue. DDoS attacks are on the rise. A simple network security attack is known as a DDoS (distributed denial of service). DDOS attacks are becoming common place as malware spreads and forms botnets worldwide. Virus and malware writers are using infected networks to attack other businesses and can effectively shut down there communications. Other types of IoT devices are always causing privacy problems in the industry too, for those of you who unplugged your smart-speaker you probably did the right thing: 2019 cyber intelligence report.

We can provide an internal and external network assessment, scanning all of your devices to determine where you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Many cell phone applications can also compromise your data. If you believe you have already been hacked you probably have. Your best course of action is to choose a company you can trust. We are here to help find and fix all the known vulnerabilities and keep you as protected as possible.

“Security isn’t a product, it is a service.” If you think having a Mac, or your favorite anti-virus program (doesn’t matter how much you paid for it) keeps you secure you are wrong. OTS (Off the shelf) AV (Anti-virus) does little if anything, you are more than likely still an easy target for hackers.  Homes and businesses with more devices tend to be infected/breached more easily. Call today and we can start the process of discovering your network activity and securing it from unauthorized access. It’s possible remote users are on your network right now. Networks that wouldn’t usually be seen as targets are often compromised by multiple attacks with unknown intentions. We can use the latest technology to evaluate, log, analyze and preform remediation to secure your home and business.

If you would like to speak to someone to get a price on vulnerability testing and network security assessments, and/or remediation of the vulnerabilities please click here to fill out our network security form. If you don’t know the information, please obtain it (only if authorized) from your I.T. department.

Most network security and vulnerability testing jobs require on-site service. In order to ensure compliance with ethics and the law, if you only wish for us to test you remotely, we will require that you validate your business & your identity.

    This information is needed to provide you with an accurate price quote and to plan for fixing any problems we might find on your network. If you do not know the information, please properly obtain it before you submit this form. If you aren’t sure what we are asking for – we can help you, but we will still need to verify you have authority to provide this service before starting.

    Most Common Causes:

    • Someone clicked on something, knowingly or not
    • Opening e-mail attachments or third-party advertisements
    • Out of date devices
    • Phishing scams
    • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) attacks
    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
    • Software modifications that lead to infections (such as gaming add-ons and plug-ins)
    • Software that someone installed.