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Bloodhound Phone & Vehicle Tracker

Our Bloodhound Phone and Vehicle tracking system can be customized to alert you to any phone or vehicle in various scenarios.

Developed for use by law enforcement and schools, our phone and vehicle alert and tracking system is a palm-sized computer that can be customized to fit the needs of any L.E. branch, person or small business. Our tracker spots phones from further than a human eye can possibly see and alerts you to the presence of (a) new phones (b) specific phones (c) groups of phones (d) vehicles (e) dash cameras and (f) most other electronic devices. Our systems capabilities exceed that of most military-contractor competitors but does not allow for call or text message monitoring and is in full FCC compliance.

Some think our device sounds paranoid. So I’ll provide you with some real world examples of how it can be used (many of which have been tested) to protect you and your business or school.

Example 1: You’re a school admin and a student or group of students has been banned. The device can single out the phones and alert you if their phones are spotted nearby again. Simulated demonstrations have been conducted just not on actual school grounds or with actual students; test phones and test site used.

Example 2: You work in law enforcement and have a suspect or group of. With a need to track a phone or vehicle without a device on that suspect(s). This can alert you to their presence. We have proven it to work in a simulated demo.

Example 3: You’re a business owner and have a problem with (a) specific individual(s). You and your employees can be alerted if they are nearby. We have proven it with a simulated demo.

Example 4: You think or know you are being stalked. It’s simple to set this device up to alert you if your stalker is around. Proven to work in simulated demo; to display demo takes only a few minutes.

Example 5: You’re law enforcement and know where suspected criminals gather. A simple drive by that spot will grab all their phones, and let you set alerts to their presence in other areas. Most alerts are automatically created. Creating a extra layer of security to know if people you are watching come close to your home for example. Proven to track a randomly selected group effectively across a city environment (multiple individuals) in simulated demo. Logs all devices, locations and times. Audio alerts to their presence.

Example 6: You’re a civilian with a problem with another civilian. Any conflict. This can alert you when they are present, or within a specific range. Proven to work in simulated demo: to track phones and vehicles through traffic (finding if a vehicle passed you before, and where), around large areas and in close areas.

Example 7: For any reason, phones might be banned at a location. Schools ban phones for testing, secure facilitates usually do not allow phones. Our device will help you know if any are on, can tell you with an audio alert or e-mail, and also help to find them.

Example 8: You have a need to know when a certain individual is present or nearby. This can be anything from attendance to security & avoidance systems. We can isolate their phone or vehicle and create and audio, e-mail or visual alert system based on your needs.

Interested in a demo? Let our tracker to enhance your Operational Security.